23. Brighton. Cycling.

First day out wearing bib shorts and a jersey. Felt like a pro.

Went on my biggest ride today. 46km. Roughly 28 miles. It felt great. Quite windy but I was happy that my average speed was 22km/h.

Rest day tomorrow then back on the bike on Saturday. So excited. So proud of myself

Tackled my first group of steep hills with the lads a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only just gotten round to posting it here.

I want to try this route a few more times to get my strength up for the London to Brighton ride.

I haven’t posted in a while BUT I haven’t stopped training. It’s been awesome.

Doing two fairly big rides per week.
I feel so awesome cycling for miles. I look on my Strava and can see my max speed, my distance and how far I’ve gone on the map.

London to Brighton seems easier every time I ride.

Biggest cycle to date. 45Km. It felt great and the views were incredible. Photos don’t give it justice.

All progress and prep for my London to Brighton cycle.

Celebratory selfie at the top of the Beacon.

First ride to Ditchling Beacon. Got a little lost but we found it. It was quite tough cycling up the highest incline BUT I didn’t give up. Proud.

No where near as bad as I’d anticipated/people have made it out to be.

All a work in progress

Tried this guy out before my first attempt of cycling up Ditchling Beacon. Tastes good and managed to keep my legs going. The lemon and lime one is slightly better but still tasty.

View from cycling up to Falmer via the downs. Purchased a Science In Sport chocolate protein powder to have with frozen berries for my recovery. It was TASTY.